DJ monitoring his audio while music is playing

Highbrow Entertainment is a label that provides a platform for artists and DJs to showcase their talent and to merge to create all things musical. Founded in 2016 by DJ Doni Brasco, Highbrow has over 20 years of combined industry experience and has had the privilege to perform in some of the biggest venues across the world. We cater to our clients' requirements and ensure that we help you to execute your event. We have a wide variety of fantastic artists available, who you can book directly through us.

DJ mixing music at a party

Booking Services

From live gigs to corporate and private events, we are experienced DJs who will go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients are getting the deal they deserve. All our packages included a dedicated meeting time where you will have the opportunity to sit down with your chosen DJ and discuss your event in-depth as well as go through customised playlists and any other services you may require. Check out our services offered below and get in touch to set up a meeting.